List Your Byte

We encourage you to share all kinds of bytes on Citybytes! Whether you’re offering a long quaint beach walk or a tour of a bustling marketplace, it’s free to list your byte. When you’re ready to start welcoming guests, you can publish your listing for the world to see.


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Description and amenities

Guests often search for bytes that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your bytes and the amenities you offer will help attract the kinds of guests that are best suited for your ‘Byte’.

When giving the description of your bytes, answer important questions like whether or not food is included, and include helpful details about the weather, activities, and transportation options in the surrounding area.


Photographs help guests picture themselves in your byte.

Go ahead and upload up to 10 images, and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus, and representative of the actual byte. If you would like our support in.

Pricing and availability

You know your city, your schedule and your byte best, so we let you decide the price and we ask you to update your calendar to reflect when the byte is available for booking.

We also allow you to set custom prices for individual bytes on special days. We display your bytes at the price you set and when you indicate that your byte is unavailable, we make sure not to show it in search results.



Welcome Your Guests

Once you have a confirmed reservation, it’s time to prepare for your guests! From coordinating meeting point and choosing welcome gifts to greeting your guests and giving them city-tips, welcoming on Citybytes is an art.


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Give your guests a follow up call to and make sure they have everything they’ll need for a comfortable tour, whether it’s an extra set of caps, maps to find their way, or instructions for how to reach the meeting point.

If you like, you can make their byte extra special by surprising them with a token gift or hand-written welcome note.



Use Whatsapp messaging to arrange the details of your guest’s arrival. Let your guest know where you’ll greet them in person.



Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Citybytes’ trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your guest. Your guest also has the opportunity to review you and your byte, too!



Create curated tours in your city and run your own brigade! When you apply to become a Welcomer on Citybytes, you become the center of attraction and an ambassador for your own city. Dont wait any longer.